The last part of the section 4 was another scale trying to measure the attitudes of the participants toward the Internet materials for English language teaching. Here, the instructors were mainly asked to discuss what they think about online materials and use of these resources by them and their students. The findings clearly suggest that most of the participants support benefiting from the World Wide Web and not only should they improve themselves on this area but also the students who want or need to learn English should be encouraged and taught how to utilize these relatively new techniques and materials. Continue reading

A similar outcome was generated from the responses when the next question was analyzed. 100 out of 102 participants stated that they benefit from the Internet when they prepare teaching materials. Since they were able to select more than many reasons for using or not using the Internet resources, the instructors who said that they do not benefit from the Internet for preparing teaching materials (2), suggested that the Internet resources are difficult to integrate with textbook resources, not interesting to the instructor him/herself, difficult to download and edit, and not permitted to use in the institute. However, when the reasons to use the Internet materials are looked into, a stronger data set is extracted from the responses. This data set is presented below:Continue reading