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I just managed to convert an Oxford testing CD-Rom into an Internet based source. They provided me four different levels of texts. From the link below, you can access elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, and upper-intermediate levels of reading activities. If you are an educator, you will find the customizable versions of the texts, too. The answer keys are also available at your disposal. Please feel free to contact for any feedback and/or mistakes you may find within texts. Hope to make a similar one for listening activities.


Deniz Yakut

Reading Exercises

Pokémon, it has been nice meeting after long time, but we’re done here.

I have spent or wasted the past few weeks obsessively playing the so called augmented-reality implemented game Pokémon Go, like millions of other players.

The augmented-reality mobile game has been a hit, and it came with a good reason: Those who grew up with the series “Pokémon” wanted to catch the little creatures for real.

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